To attend the AISC 2015 conference, it is necessary to register online and pay the registration fee (see below), unless one’s home institution is already a collective member of the AISC and has decided to grant free access to the event to that particular person (if in doubt, please check with your own home institution).

The registration fee grants access to all conference events, except the social dinner on December 11, which costs an additional 30 euros, payable at the time of registration. Lunches will not be provided and particpants are invited to make their own arrangements during lunch breaks. The fee includes the AISC membership for the next 12 months, with all its perks, including access to the 2016 mid-term conference and an annual subscription to the journal Sistemi Intelligenti (Il Mulino).

Regular, before November 15, 2015: 120 euro
Regular, after November 15, 2015: 150 euro
Discount, before November 15, 2015: 50 euro
Discount, after November 15, 2015:
80 euro
Notes: “Full” applies to all permanent positions, e.g. professors, researchers, etc. “Discount” applies to PhD students, post-docs, and all temporary research positions.

To register online, follow this link.

Undergraduates can attend the conference for free without registering, unless they are presenting their own work (in which case they must register for a discount fee, see above): in any case, should a graduate student wishes to become an AISC member, the pertinent fee must be paid.